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Meet the artist

Linnea Thuning

Linnea Thuning

Born and raised in northern Sweden, Linnea Thuning has always been fascinated by the Scandinavian folk culture and Nordic mythology. From the very young age she was drawn to art forms that allowed to interact, touch, bend and sculpt raw materials. She has completed Level 3 course at British Academy of Jewellery (BAJ) in London where she has discovered her passion for Jewellery. Currently a 3rd year Jewellery and Silversmithing student at University of Creative Arts (Farnham, UK). In 2020 Linnea launched her independent jewellery business “In One’s Prime” that focuses on individual hand-made pieces of jewellery that tell a story and treats every ring, necklace and earring as art.

Artist Statement

"In or during one’s happiest, most successful time; in the period when one has the most energy, vitality, and potential"

"found objects"

Linnea believes that every person's prime, whether it is mental, emotional or physical should be celebrated. We all reach our prime in different stages in life no matter of the age or gender. Reaching prime is the sense of self-fulfilment and time for moving onto a new, exciting chapter of your life. Linnea does not believe in meaningless consumerism and waste. She wants her jewellery to replace labels and disposable clothing. She would love nothing more than her timeless pieces to be worn with vintage, second-hand or ethically manufactured clothing. She treats every ring, necklace and earring as art. Every single collection has its story and is inspired by Scandinavian nature. Her jewellery is the fruit of her values and is hand-made in the UK. She hopes that one of her art pieces will find you that you can connect with the most.

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